Learn a Complete Review of Systems in Spanish

¡Hola a todos! Doc Molly here. Did you know we are updating the Review of Systems module in our History and Exam course?

🧱 Back to the basics.

No matter what level of Spanish we speak, it's good to review the basics, so we'll do just that as I update the Review of Systems module in our beginner-intermediate level course covering a complete History and Exam in Spanish. Together, we will refresh our medical Spanish vocabulary regarding symptoms of the human body, system by system. 

💎 Clear communication is our goal! 

In medicine, effective and accurate communication is critical. That is why I always work with native Spanish speakers to create our lessons. For this Review of Systems update, I am reviewing all the vocabulary and phrases with my Spanish teachers from Latin America. I have teamed up with the talented Luis Almeida from Venezuela to record the audio. His crystal-clear Spanish recordings will ensure we learn authentic, natural Spanish that our native Spanish-speaking patients will appreciate.

📚 Our Review of Systems Lessons

Here is a list of all our Review of Systems lessons. You will notice that I cover more than one system in a couple of the lessons. I did this based on the natural progression of questions I follow while completing a Review of Systems with my patients. For example, before listening to a patient’s chest, I will ask about both respiratory and cardiac symptoms. 

🩺 Want to dive deeper?

Check out our History and Exam course if you’re serious about learning medical Spanish. This course covers the essentials with beginner to intermediate-level lessons. The explanations are in English. We use an audio flashcard format with pauses so you can practice each term and phrase in Spanish. It’s perfect for those just starting their medical Spanish journey and the advanced speaker looking for a comprehensive review of medical Spanish terminology used during patient evaluations. We cover the following: 

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Learn a Complete History and Exam in Spanish.

Let's bridge the language gap in medicine together. Join us as we learn how to express symptoms of the human body, system by system, and make a difference in the lives of our patients.

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Doc Molly

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