Don't worry if you miss something, The transcripts for each lesson are available in the podcast show notes and through downloadable PDFs.


You not only listen, you are asked to fill in the blank, conjugate or interpret. You interact with the audio lesson to ensure you are retaining all that we cover.


Learn during your commute or while exercising. All the lessons are available to stream or download from this site or through premium podcast feeds. 

Our Purpose

Hi, I'm Molly Martin, MD. I am a practicing hospitalist who is inspired by the people of Latin America, and in turn, I am passionate about learning Spanish. With the help of teachers from Latin America, Podcasts by Doc Molly provides Spanish audio lessons for busy healthcare workers on the go.  In order to gain fluency with our patients we need to practice both listening AND speaking. Therefore, our audio lessons: 

  • Go beyond the basics. 
  • Are interactive. 
  • Can be done while walking or commuting.
  • Present real-life clinical scenarios with native speakers.
  • Help us to connect with our patients.
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Click the headphones to hear why I started podcasting.
(Audio excerpt from Eye Exam and Why I Podcast)

Learn while exercising or commuting.

Cut down on your screen time. Instead of staring at your computer, wouldn’t you rather go for a walk as you practice conjugating the imperfect subjunctive? All the audio lessons are available to stream or download from the site or through premium podcasts feeds. 

Practice speaking Spanish.

In addition to being portable, all the lessons are interactive so that you must pay attention and speak Spanish. You will be asked to fill in the blank, conjugate and interpret. 

Learn from native Spanish speakers.

Finally, to ensure the quality and accuracy of these lessons, and in order to delve deep into common problem areas for advanced learners, I collaborate with native Spanish speakers to write all the audio lessons on this site.  Additionally, all the clinical dialogues and interviews under the Medical Spanish membership are recorded with native speakers. 

¿Qué buscas?  

Just beginning to learn medical Spanish? 

Basic Medical Spanish

Looking for more advanced Spanish lessons?

 Intermediate to advanced medical Spanish

Advanced Spanish Grammar

Collaboration with Native Speakers

I collaborate with native Spanish speakers and teachers to create high-quality audio Spanish lessons.

I studied at the San Pedro Spanish School in Guatemala in 2016 where I interviewed a curandero (medicine man), a comadrona (midwife) and Letty, a woman who has suffered from both Zika and Chikungunya. In the audio review lessons covering these interviews, you will hear my Spanish instructor from San Pedro Spanish School, Javier (pictured below). I also collaborated with Javier virtually for our NIH Stroke Scale in Spanish series. 

Don Franciso and me outside his home in San Pedro.

I interviewed don Francisco, a curandero de huesos from Guatemala.

Javier and I working at the San Pedro Spanish School

Javier and I working at the San Pedro Spanish School

I returned to San Pedro Spanish School with my friend and interpreter, Sonja Um-Siri in April of 2019. During our trip we recorded:

We continue to collaborate virtually with our teachers from the San Pedro: Elizabeth Cortéz and Francisco González Yojcóm. Our Spanish for COVID lessons were recorded with Elizabeth and Francisco helped write and record our Spanish for Dentistry course. Therefore, a portion of your membership dollars go to paying fair wages to teachers in Guatemala.  

Pictures from San Pedro Spanish School

I worked with María Laura Mecías, a Spanish teacher at Elebaires in Buenos Aires, to write and record the Atrial Fibrillation dialogue.  

At Elebaires, you can take lessons, participate in internship programs to gain professional experience, and/or participate in a volunteer project with a local community. 

I teamed up with the former online Spanish school, Language Tailor, in 2010 to work with two of their instructors: Patricia Bustamante de la Garza from Mexico City and Ángel Bahena originally from Cuernavaca, Mexico. Patricia helped me put together the Basic Medical course and both Patricia and Ángel helped me to write and record many of the clinical dialogues on the site. 

Ángel also recorded interviews with his family members in Mexico about diabetesinfertility and childbirth. In the audio lessons, we review the vocabulary and grammar used during those interviews. For those who want one on one instruction, Ángel also offers lessons over Skype.  

When I first started podcasting, I got by with a "little help from my friends." 

You will also hear Urso Ramirez, who is originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I met Urso through my friend, Sarah Shelton, also featured in some of the lessons. Sarah, like me, is from Minnesota, and has traveled, lived and worked in Latin America.

Finally, when I first started publishing these audio lessons through the Medical Spanish Podcast in 2007, I teamed up with my friend Maria Bjorklund, MS from Peru. She has her masters in Education and teaches High School Spanish.

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What they are saying about  Doc Molly's Podcasts... 

Thank you for your amazing work helping us become proficient in Spanish. My commute recently went from 8 miles to 22 miles. I get to listen to your podcasts more. It is wonderful.

Bien Nguyen

Internist in San Jose, CA

The medical podcasts have great, practical information. They are easy to understand and are just the right length. The grammar podcasts are the best I have ever found on the pesky grammar issues that are difficult for native English speakers. I have listened to your subjunctive podcasts over and over because, while I understand the rules, there are so many exceptions, and it is a great review.

Michael Ciszek

Optometrist from Chicago

Just wanted to update you that I passed my medical interpreting exam. I listened to every single one of your podcasts and they were incredibly helpful for the exam. Muchísimas gracias!

Lillian Woolworth 

Nurse and Spanish Medical Interpreter

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