Social History

by Doc Molly

December 31, 2022

Get to know your patient. Where are they from? Who do they have for support? What do they do for work? Do they feel safe at home? Do they use mood-altering substances? Can they perform activities of daily living independently?

Module Content

5 Lessons

Video lesson

Learn to ask about country of origin, marital status, family, home situation, support, religion and relationships.

Text lesson

Members Only Education and Work

Learn to ask about education, employment, workplace exposures, insurance and medical assistance.

Text lesson

Members Only Alcohol and Drugs

Learn to ask about alcohol, smoking, and illicit drug use.

Text lesson

Members Only Domestic Violence

Learn vocabulary and phrases for discussing safety at home, domestic abuse, and refuge.

Text lesson

Learn how to ask about activities of daily living, use of assist devices, hobbies, and exercise.

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