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Written by healthcare providers. Translated, and recorded with teachers from Latin America.

"I subscribe to a number of different Spanish language programs and Doc Molly by far is the most helpful in terms of what I need to talk about on a daily basis. The lessons on Covid-19 are absolutely invaluable! I have been unable to find anything similar anywhere. So helpful!"

Priscilla Lee  | NP

“Thank you Molly! Loving all the work you do. I'm in emergency medicine and I find it incredibly helpful. Looking forward to the trauma section!”

A.I.  | Emergency Medicine Provider

Your podcasts are truly wonderful. I have learned more practical Spanish from your podcasts than any other resource I’ve used previously.

Betsy W  | MD

I LOVE your podcasts, so glad I bought the subscription. I listen to them all the time on my way to work on the train. Then, I’ll be in a meeting and pick up on stuff you chatted about in the podcast that very morning.

Jamie B  | Biologist living in Spain

You have no idea the impact this podcast has made in my ability to speak Spanish. Daily there are flashes of “I learned that from Doc Molly”. Thank you.

Craig Horn  | MD