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Written by healthcare providers. Translated, and recorded with teachers from Latin America.

"I am a premium member because not only am I learning so much from the content provided but I am so appreciative of all of the effort that goes into this podcast. The Medical Spanish for Covid-19 is fantastic. I like to listen to the Doc Molly lessons on my phone while I hike in the mountains in the early morning."

Priscilla Lee  | NP

I tried 4 websites/courses before I found this, and the quality of content curation and presentation is really the best. I've shared it with my fellow residents since we're starting training in a majority Hispanic area.

A. Ibrahim  | MD

It is a tremendous blessing to have a professional in medicine teaching lessons on relevant Spanish knowledge for the medical field. It is something I have struggled with for quite some time.

Andrew Cushing  | MD

Wonderful classes... the most helpful I have ever taken, priceless. I listen to you daily on my dog walks and really learn and enjoy.

Laila Powers  | Emergency Doctor

I LOVE your podcasts, so glad I bought the subscription. I listen to them all the time on my way to work on the train. Then, I’ll be in a meeting and pick up on stuff you chatted about in the podcast that very morning.

Jamie B  | Biologist living in Spain