Review of Systems

by Doc Molly

December 30, 2022

Learn to ask about symptoms involving all the major systems of the body.

Module Content

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Learn how to ask about constitutional symptoms, such as fever, chills, night sweats, and weight change.

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Learn vocabulary for describing the skin and joints. Practice useful grammatical constructions for describing bodily states and changes. You will learn how to say things like, "My feet are swollen." "My skin has turned yellow."

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Learn to ask about symptoms of the ears, nose, throat, heart, and lungs.

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Members Only Gastrointestinal ROS

Learn to ask questions about the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract. For example, learn how to ask about swallowing, heartburn, digestion, and bowel movements.

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Members Only Neurological ROS

Learn to ask about neurological symptoms, such as dizziness, numbness, and weakness. Learn how to ask about difficulty performing actions, and about head trauma and seizures.

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Members Only Genitourinary ROS

Learn to ask about gynecological and urinary symptoms, as well as erectile dysfunction.

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Members Only Psychiatric ROS

Learn to ask about symptoms of depression, anxiety, and psychosis.

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