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Both the Medical Spanish Podcast and the Spanish Grammar Review podcast have received high ratings in Apple Podcasts.

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Unsolicited Remarks from Members

“These podcasts are excellent! They’ve helped me so much as an interpreter. Thanks a bunch.”

— Altini Yarima, Medical Interpreter, February 2019

"I'm very grateful for your podcasts as I work toward my interpreting certification. They have been extremely insightful and provided me with information I otherwise might not have learned on my own."

-- Molly Lienemann, Medical Interpreter, February 2019

“I really do appreciate your podcasts. The medical podcasts have great, practical information, are easy to understand and are just the right length. The grammar podcasts are the best I have ever found on the pesky grammar issues that are difficult for native English speakers. I have listened to your subjunctive podcasts over and over because, while I understand the rules, there are so many exceptions, and it is a great review.”

-- Michael Ciszek, Optometrist from Chicago, June 2018

"It's absolutely the most helpful medical Spanish podcast I've found. It's helped me prepare for next steps in my career, and I'm really grateful for that."

— Erin G, studying to be a Nurse Practitioner, June 2018

“Your podcasts are truly wonderful. I have learned more practical Spanish from your podcasts than any other resource I've used previously.”

— Betsy W, MD, February 2018

"I love your podcasts. I am a nurse studying for the Spanish Medical Interpreter certification from the NBCMI and I only wish I’d found your podcasts sooner. The dialogue is always one step ahead of my knowledge, which pushes me to learn but doesn’t overwhelm. The topics, vocabulary, native speakers, and real-life situations are fantastic and hold my interest. The podcast format makes it so I can go on a walk or drive and still study. I love how you incorporate the listener’s interaction by testing vocabulary and leaving space for us to interpret. I had been pushing off my oral exam because I didn’t feel like my studying efforts were helping before, now I’m set to take the exam in a few months. Of course, the podcast doesn’t just help me prepare for the exam, it also improves my knowledge for my interactions with Spanish-speaking patients at work, and that’s the best!”

— Lillian W, RN, March 2018

"For years I have looked for resources to help me continually improve my (relatively) advanced understanding of grammar AND to help me converse about healthcare issues. As I prepared to become a medical interpreter, I found many resources with information about terminology that didn’t help me understand colloquial ways in which people converse about health issues.  Molly’s podcasts have been a godsend!  They are substantive but short enough for me to listen to during my daily commute.  They go in-depth—I listen to the approximately 20 podcasts on the subjunctive repeatedly, and recommend them to advanced students in my Spanish classes.  Her interviews on healthcare topics are extremely helpful, and I love her breakaways, adding commentary on things native speakers said in the interviews. ¡Muchísimas gracias, Molly, y que nunca termines!"

-- Sonja I, medical interpreter, January 2018

“I LOVE your podcasts, so glad I bought the subscription. I listen to them all the time on my way to work on the train in BCN, and then I'll be in a meeting and pick up on stuff you chatted about in the podcast that very morning.”

-- Jamie B, biologist living in Spain, December 2017

"Thank you for your amazing work helping us become proficient in Spanish. My commute recently went from 8 miles to 22 miles. I get to listen to your podcasts more. It is wonderful."

-- Bien N, Internist in San Jose, CA, November 2017

"I just finished the subjunctive series. Yaaaay! It was so well done. I really enjoyed it. I look forward to every podcast. Thank you!”

—- Chris V, MD, November 2017

"I’m so glad I found your podcast as I enjoy it very much. It is convenient, interesting and has greatly helped in communicating with my patients at work."

-- Andrea G, Occupational Therapist, November 2017

"I have been using these amazing podcasts every day. I love your services and appreciate your work."

-- Alison C,  MD candidate 2018, October 2017

"Thank you for your podcasts, which have been very useful to me. I am a pediatric resident in a large Hispanic community and listening to your podcasts has really improved my listening comprehension and overall Spanish. The interviews you have with real patients (i.e. Zika, Chikungunya, Diabetes) are most useful. It is super helpful when you break down the interviews to go over phrases, grammar, and vocab."

— Denver N, MD, September 2017

"I have absolutely loved what I've seen out of your podcast so far! I can't find very applicable patient encounters like yours anywhere else. They're perfect!  I really enjoy the premium subscription. I love practicing with the pauses. Those pdfs are very useful. I truly can’t find anything quite like it anywhere else. It’s perfect, and I’m very grateful that you went about making it."

-- Michael S, medical student, August 2017

"I'm on my OB/GYN clinical rotation in Brooklyn this month and all I've learned from your podcasts is seriously helpful every single day I'm there! Thanks!....People ask me all the time on the wards where I learned (Spanish) and I've passed on your website every time."

-- Barb M, medical student, August 2017

"Thanks for a great podcast. As the daughter of two South American parents growing up in the US, I grew up speaking Spanish but lacked the grammar background that I needed to make my Spanish better. I've been looking for a podcast I can listen to in the car on my way to work and this is perfect! Thanks for your help!"

-- Macarena F, Spanish Grammar subscriber, June 2017

"I want to take the opportunity to thank you for the podcast. For me, it hits the sweet spot. Although I have to listen to some of the more challenging  podcasts several times, I find it really helps fill in some of the holes in my Spanish.  I've also recommended it to several people."

-- Jeane D, Spanish Grammar subscriber, June 2017

"The premium episodes are perfect. As an advanced intermediate speaker, I appreciate the depth, show notes and review. Length of episodes is just right. These topics, both medical and grammar, can't be rushed. That's the reason I'm a premium member. ¡Gracias!"

— Gus in Phoenix, June 201

"It is fantastic as it is, so helpful."

— Maria B, June 2017

"I love your podcast so much. Thanks for making it!"

-- Cayce S, medical student, May 2017

"I also wanted to thank you so much because the podcast is amazing and helped me learn Spanish on my own without any formal classes before I went to spend 2 months in Guatemala working in a hospital for a global health rotation. Thanks!"

-- Laren F, May 2017

"I love the podcasts. Thanks so much."

-- Anthony L, May 2017

"Your resource is great."

-- Roberta D, May 2017

"Thank you so much for creating this podcast. It is doing wonders to help me prepare for my bilingual certification test.... It is already making a world of difference to me and I believe it will soon to my patients. :)"

-- Ben C, April 2017

"I love Medical Spanish Podcast. It has made me so much better able to communicate with my patients. I am by no means fluent, but my colleagues are impressed. Patients will often comment, "Muy bien Español," to which I reply, "Y usted también." This usually brings a smile. In addition to working in the ER, I occasionally work at the local free clinic. There I am often the only one who speaks Spanish, so it is extra helpful."

-- George H, MD, April 2017

"The Medical Spanish Podcast is an incredible resource for myself personally as a non-native Spanish teacher and as an authentic resource for my students. The themes, structure, and scaffolding make for a perfect learning tool on the go or in the classroom. I highly recommend this podcast and website! Thank you Doc Molly."

-- Rachael Cassella, World Language Department Coordinator, March 2017

"Just wanted to say love the new site. This summer I will be sitting for two Medical Interpreting exams, "Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters" (CCHI), and "The National Board Of Certification For Medical Interpreters" (NBCMI). I am also enrolled as an on-line student at the "Southern California School of Interpreting" (SCSI). Your site (old one, and now the new one), has been a tremendous help as I work to take my interpreting skills up to the next level. I plan to visit San Pedro School in late June to perfect my skills even further before sitting for the above mentioned exams. I have been interpreting since 2000, and now think it is time to take it up a notch. Thank you again for this great site!"

-- David T, medical interpreter, March 2017

"Thanks so much for your wonderful, practical podcasts and especially your premium podcasts with the show notes that include the patient interviews plus the grammar lessons. Last month I spent 10 days in Honduras with a Habitat for Humanity International Team from North Carolina building helping build houses for needy folks. I did a lot of Spanish translation for our team and owe a large part of my ability to do so to what I have learned from your podcasts and written materials.

Also, for the past four years, I have been conducting Clinical Project Management workshops in different Latin American countries. Since English is the language of international pharmaceutical development, my lectures are in English but I allow my students to conduct the group activities in Spanish. Your Medical Spanish podcasts with the medical terminology have been especially helpful as I do this. My students especially appreciate being able to use their native language during the more informal parts of the training sessions.

Tomorrow, my wife and I are leaving on a three-week trip to Ecuador where we will attend a wedding of the daughter of a friend in Quito, spend a week as tourists in that area and then fly on to the Galapagos Islands for a one-week boat tour. I know that our trip will be much more meaningful with my ability to speak in Spanish to local people. Thanks for your laudable efforts and keep up the good work!"

-- Doug C, March 2017

"Love your work here. Vickie and I are interpreters in a free clinic. You have helped us a lot!"

-- Jim, February 2017

"Your podcasts are awesome. I am an RN in the ER at a busy trauma center, and your podcasts have helped me a great deal in communicating with Spanish speaking patients. Thanks again!"

-- EJ, February 2017

"I wish this podcast had been around the first and second time I tried to learn Spanish for work. These are quite simply the best medical Spanish lessons I have come across. I honestly think you could learn enough from these podcasts to get by without any other resource. The podcasts are clearly written by somebody who understands working in a clinical environment. They are split into manageable chunks ,making it easy to find time even after a busy day at work. This is a course which is equally valuable for a beginner or more advanced student. The beginner can learn basic vocabulary. If you can already get by in Spanish, then the podcasts will help you improve and get to the next level of competence. Great job Dr Molly."

-- Sheila Raumer MD, Family Physician, July 2016

"I purchased your Spanish Grammar premium podcast and am so happy with it. I had been looking for something like this for so long and had tried other podcasts, one-on-one lessons, etc - but your podcasts are exactly what I had in mind. Thank you so much for creating them."

-- James L, Spanish learner, November 2016

"Thank you for your podcasts! I love them! I have been volunteering at the SW WA Free Clinic as a Spanish interpreter for the past year and your podcasts are really helping me improve my abilities."

-- Jean Gringas, medical interpreter, January 2017

"I am preparing for a test and teach a medical interpreters class and have used and recommend the podcasts. They have been very useful."

-- Jordana, medical interpreter, January 2017

"I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the work you've compiled here. I am a medical interpreter in California and I just spent the last 6 months volunteering in the "Hospital De Las Culturas" in San Cristobal de Las Casas in Chiapas, Mexico. Your podcasts are helping me keep up on everything I've learned there and study more. I really appreciate it. Thanks a million."

-- Ryan Z, medical interpreter, November 2016

"You have a great podcast! I have a background in languages (I used to be an interpreter), but went back to school for a second degree years later to become a Registered Dietitian/Certified Diabetes Educator. I am reviewing for a language test for a new job and your program is perfect, totally worth the price. You need to keep up this great podcast."

-- SM, language learner, October 2016

"I am loving the series and thank you very much for making it! Keep up the good work."

-- Larry Tobin, a listener who on a medical mission trip in Nicaragua, October 2016

"I really like the way you present much of the material in the form of a dialog. I have tried books and lists, but have not had success with that method. With your podcasts, I immediately used two things that I had learned. Thank you for all of your work putting this together."

-- Carolyn B, July 2016

"I really appreciate your lessons. The choice of grammar exercises is spot on. The pace is great.  I cannot see one single area for improvement."

-- Mary B, MA, September 2016

"I speak Spanish fluently but recently decided to become a medical interpreter so I have been scouring the internet looking for medical Spanish lessons and resources targeted to an advanced level. Before I tried these podcasts I purchased some medical Spanish books and stared at the pages hoping to absorb some vocabulary-- it was very inefficient. Dr. Martin's premium podcasts are the BEST for learning medical Spanish and one of the only medical Spanish resources that work great for people who already speak Spanish conversationally. I go through by topic and do all the premium podcasts for a given medical Spanish topic at one time and it is FANTASTIC practice for being an interpreter at my local clinic. I love that the dialogues seamlessly blend relevant advanced grammar lessons with the most important medical Spanish vocabulary for a given topic and that they give an opportunity to practice recalling the words and translating the expressions. Very grateful for these podcasts and I definitely recommend them for anyone wanting to learn medical Spanish!"

-- Kimberly, a medical student and Spanish interpreter in Minneapolis, November 2014