Welcome to the first lesson in our series on Newborn Hearing Screening in Spanish!

This series was requested by one of our listeners, Hyun from Maryland. Hyun is a newborn hearing technician who wants to learn phrases in Spanish for a newborn hearing screening. 

Even if you never plan to perform a newborn hearing screening, I promise you will learn helpful vocabulary and phrases for your clinical practice.  

In this series of 3 lessons,

  1. We will learn how to ask about childhood hearing loss on either side of the family and complications during pregnancy.
  2. As we describe the procedure, we will learn how to explain that the earbud will play chimes, that it is not painful, and that we can soothe the baby using the sucking reflex.
  3. Finally, we will learn how to express a good result and explain that a bad result may be due to fluid in the ear and that we must allow some time for the ears to dry before retesting.

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Screening Test


La prueba de detección de problemas de audición en los recién nacidos

Screening test for hearing problems in newborns


La prueba de detección

Screening Test

Los problemas de audición

Hearing problems

El recién nacido, la recién nacida


Los recién nacidos


Family History


¿Hay antecedentes de pérdida de audición infantil en la familia paterna o en la familia materna del bebé?

Is there a history of childhood hearing loss on either side of the baby’s family?

Los antecedentes

Prior cases, history

La pérdida de audición infantil

Childhood hearing loss

La familia paterna

The father’s side of the family 

La familia materna

The mother’s side of the family

En la familia paterna o en la familia materna del bebé

On either side of the baby’s family

Complications during pregnancy


¿Usted sufrió alguna complicación durante el embarazo que hace que el médico se preocupe por la salud del bebé?

Did you suffer any complications during your pregnancy that cause the doctor to be concerned about the baby’s health?

Alguna complicación

Any complications

El embarazo



To be concerned

Preocuparse por la salud del bebé

To be concerned about the baby’s health 

Alguna complicación que hace que el médico se procupe

A complication that causes the doctor to be concerned

We use the subjunctive following verbs of influence, like HACER or CAUSAR. Learn more about verbs of influence

La salud del bebé, la salud de la bebé 

The baby’s health

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