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I'm Doc Molly, a practicing hospitalist doctor who finds joy in serving the Latino community, and I continually strive to improve communication with my patients. I collaborate with native Spanish-speaking teachers to create these interactive audio lessons. I have designed our curriculum to fit seamlessly into your daily routine so you can learn while on the move - whether exercising or commuting. Learn to speak medical Spanish confidently and bring more joy to your practice!

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All lessons are created with Spanish teachers
from Latin America!


Soy Doc Molly.

I am a practicing hospitalist, inspired by the people of Latin America. On my days off, I create medical Spanish lessons with my teachers from Latin America. Our Spanish audio lessons are made for busy healthcare workers on the go. We gain fluency through listening AND speaking. Therefore, our audio lessons: 

  • Are interactive. 
  • Are made with native Spanish-speakers!
  • Can be done on the go, while walking or commuting.
  • Present authentic clinical scenarios written by healthcare providers.
  • Help us connect with our patients.
  • Go beyond the basics. (OJO: Most of our lessons are intermediate to advanced. If you are just beginning, check out our Basic Medical membership.)
Pictures Doc Molly at San Pedro Spanish School

Creating audio with my friend Sonja in Guatemala. We interviewed la comadrona Ester Pop (upper left) and Dr. Francisco Méndez (lower right). We also created clinical dialogues in Spanish with our teachers, Francisco González Yojcóm and Elizabeth Cortez, and Eliza’s daughter Nicole (middle right).

¡Mis Profesores!

The faces behind the voices you hear in our lessons. Click the links under their names to inquire about taking classes!

Eliza Cortez, teacher from San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala

Elizabet Cortez

"Soy maestra de español desde hace 10 años. Me encanta enseñar. Me gusta que el estudiante se sienta cómodo en las clases. Yo me puedo adaptar a las necesidades del estudiante. Por ejemplo, si quiere estudiar español para trabajar en un hospital, para ganar un examen de la universidad, para viajar, etc."

I met Eliza while studying at the San Pedro Spanish School in Guatemala, and she really does adapt to your needs. I LOVE creating lessons with Eliza! Elizabet now runs her own online Spanish school with her husband Clemente: Español Sin Limite!

Gloria Becerril, Spanish teacher from Mexico

Gloria Becerril

"He trabajado como profesora de español por 5 años, principalmente enseñando español, aunque también he enseñado portugués y inglés."

I met Gloria through La Comunidad, an online Spanish school for intermediate to advanced students of Spanish. If you want to master your conversational skills and always speak with correct grammar, take classes with Gloria. She knows her stuff!  

Francisco Gonzalez, teacher from San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala

Francisco González Yojcóm

"Me llamo Francisco y he sido maestro de español por más de 14 años. Me encanta compartir y ayudar a mis estudiantes a alcanzar sus objetivos con el idioma español."

Francisco helped Sonja and me put together our lessons covering ADHD and Dentistry.
Francisco now runs his own Spanish school. Sonja has taken classes at his school and highly recommends it. His classes include adventures around beautiful Lago Atitlán and learning about the Guatemalan culture. 

Angel Bahena

Ángel Bahena

Ángel is a Registered Nurse in the US, originally from Mexico. He has a Masters in Teaching Spanish. His focus is Medical Spanish through role playing. He incorporates his bedside experience as a nurse into his teaching, always focusing on what his students need for their own practice. He has taught various medical professionals, including nurses, doctors, interpreters, and nurse practitioners.

He offers 1:1 online classes where he will ensure you get the proper knowledge and skills to communicate with your Spanish-speaking patients and their families.

Picture of Daniela Grave

Daniela Grave

Soy lingüista aplicada y llevo un poco más de dos años dando clases de español como lengua extranjera, pero he sido profesora de español desde hace diez años. También soy cocreadora y copresentadora de Cognados, un podcast dirigido a estudiantes de ELE. Siempre busco que mis clases se adapten a las necesidades de cada estudiante y me encanta transmitir mi amor por el español.

I met Daniela through La Comunidad, an online Spanish school for intermediate to advanced students of Spanish. Daniela is sharp and thorough, and like Gloria, she knows her grammar!

Sonja Um Siri, Spanish-English interpreter and friend.

Sonja Um-Siri is a Spanish-English interpreter and my dear friend. She reviews our lessons and was a major collaborator on our series covering Spanish for ADHD and Dentistry.
She does not offer classes, but I recommend you check her out on Instagram. :)

Sonja Um-Siri


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