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Basic Medical Spanish

Learn essential Spanish for patient care

  • Beginner to Intermediate Spanish
  • Learn Spanish for a History & Exam
  • Spanish for Eye Care
  • Spanish for Dentistry
  • Audio Flashcard Format
  • 50+ Lessons
  • Includes History and Exam Course!


Premium Medical Spanish

Access to ALL Medical Spanish lessons and courses

  • Includes Basic Medical Lessons
  • Intermediate to Advanced Spanish
  • Authentic Clinical Encounters
  • Interviews with Patients & Providers
  • Interpretation Exercises
  • Practice Spanish Conversation
  • New Lessons Added Every Month
  • 300+ Premium Audio Lessons


Premium Spanish Grammar

Access to ALL Spanish Grammar lessons 

  • Learn Grammar On The Go
  • Interactive Audio Exercises 
  • Finally Master the Subjunctive!
  • Referenced in Medical Lessons
  • 60+ Premium Lessons

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What Our Members Say...


I subscribe to a number of different Spanish language programs and Doc Molly, by far, is the most helpful in terms of what I need to talk about on a daily basis. The lessons on Covid-19 are absolutely invaluable!  I have been unable to find anything similar anywhere.  So helpful!

Priscilla Lee

Nurse Practitioner 


Thank you so much for making excellent quality content. I'm an emergency and EMS physician and I listen to your podcasts on my drives to rural sites. I'm renewing for yet another year and love it.

Aurora Lybeck

Doctor of Medicine


Thanks a million for these amazing podcasts. This is by far the most helpful resource for medical Spanish out there. The work you create is so important to address language barriers in healthcare.

Rachel Perera

School of Public Health, UC Berkeley

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