Which One Is Right For Me: Premium Medical Spanish on Apple Podcasts or Doc Molly?

¡Hola a todos!

About a month ago, I added the option to subscribe to Premium Medical Spanish through Apple Podcasts. It is a convenient way to hear our latest premium audio lessons and support our project! With a click, the latest 3 months of member lessons are delivered directly to your Medical Spanish Podcast feed in Apple Podcasts. 

However, the Apple Podcasts subscription does not include premium access to our site with show notes, downloadable PDFs, and courses. Our courses provide an organized curriculum where you can track your progress and use Quizlet sets to reinforce what you learn.

Therefore, most people choose to subscribe through docmolly.com. Thank you! Subscribing through the site is the most impactful way to support what we do.

When you view the Medical Spanish Podcast in Apple Podcasts, you will still see the option to subscribe to the premium podcast. Do not click this. Instead, subscribe to your premium podcast feeds HERE.

Apple Podcasts

Doc Molly

Premium Podcast:

3 months premium audio

Premium Podcast: Last 100 lessons (2 years premium audio)

Screenshot of Medical Spanish Podcast subscription in Apple Podcasts
Premium Medical Spanish Subscription at docmolly

All Medical Spanish lessons at docmolly.com

Show notes with PDFs

Courses with Quizlet Sets

I hope this helps clear up any confusion. Si tienes alguna duda, déjame un comentario a continuación.

Thank you for supporting our medical Spanish project. I collaborate with native Spanish-speaking professionals to provide interactive, ad-free lessons that optimize focus and learning. I could only do this with the support of our members. Gracias de todo corazón.

Un fuerte abrazo,

Doc Molly

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