In this lesson, we learn how to discuss contraindications to thrombolytics in Spanish. 

To assemble this lesson, I used a list of contraindications in the stroke chapter of my favorite medical education resource, MKSAP 19

Luis Almeida joins us from Venezuela to help us with the Spanish for this lesson.

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There is a lot to cover. Therefore, we will do it in two lessons. In this free lesson, we will cover Spanish for the following contraindications to thrombolytic therapy:

03:24 Greater than 4.5 hours since symptom onset

05:05 Recent head trauma or stroke,

07:03 Active internal bleeding,

08:21 Recent gastrointestinal or genitourinary bleeding,

11:25 Increased risk of bleeding or bleeding diathesis,

14:15 Elevated BP (> 185/110) despite treatment

17:04 Low blood sugar (<50 mg/dL)

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In the upcoming member lesson, we will complete our review of Spanish for discussing contraindications to thrombolytics. 

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