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Gloria Becerril

de México

Gloria Becerril, Spanish teacher from Mexico

"He trabajado como profesora de español por 5 años, principalmente enseñando español, aunque también he enseñado portugués y inglés."

Gloria is the cohost of the podcast Cigarras Espaciales, two fun Latinas talking about timely topics in Spanish. However, I met her before the podcast through La Comunidad, an online Spanish school for intermediate to advanced students of Spanish. If you want to master your conversational skills and always speak with correct grammar, take classes with Gloria. She knows her stuff!  

Javier Méndez

de Guatemala

Javier and I working at the San Pedro Spanish School

Javier and I working at the San Pedro Spanish School

I worked with Javier in the following lesson series while studying at the San Pedro Spanish School in Guatemala. Javier now teaches at the Community Spanish School

I had so much fun creating the NIH Stroke Scale series because Javier does an AMAZING job playing the role of the doctor performing the exam. 

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