Doc Molly here with another newsletter. It's been two months since the last one so I have a LOT to share with you. 

In the above video, I tell you what we've been up to during June and July: adding new Spanish lessons for infections, stroke, and an updated neurological review of systems! At the end of the video, we look at how you can use our Quizlet sets to reinforce what you learn.

You may have noticed that I now organize our lessons within courses. Why? Because using the course format makes it super simple to navigate the material, track your progress, access the quizzes, and download the PDFs. 

Chagas Disease Module Complete! 

In June, I wrapped up our module on Chagas disease. If you've never heard of Chagas disease, please listen to this module! It is endemic in Latin America and affects 100s of thousands of migrants living in the United States. We should be talking about it and testing for it!  This module features my Spanish teacher from Mexico, Daniela Grave, In each lesson of the Chagas Disease module, Daniela provides valuable insight regarding the Spanish heard in the clinical dialogue.

New Modules Covering Spanish for Infections

I have added more modules to our Infections Course, including a module covering Influenza, one covering my patient interview with Lety from Guatemala about Chikungunya and Zika, and most recently, a module on Viral Gastroenteritis for Pediatrics.

Viral Gastroenteritis for Pediatrics

Viral Gastroenteritis in kids is so commonly seen in the clinic and hospital that I would like to build on and improve our original lessons. Therefore, I am currently reviewing each lesson with my Spanish teachers and you will see my updates in blue. If you have feedback or suggestions about additional Spanish, just fill out form found at the bottom of each lesson.

Spanish for Stroke

In July, I shifted my focus to neurological diseases. I am building a new Stroke Module in our Spanish for Emergencies Course, and based on member feedback, we also plan to add a new module covering seizures.

For the new Stroke Module, my Spanish teacher from Mexico, Gloria Becerril, and I updated our stroke dialogue where doña Luisa is brought to the ER by her daughter, unable to talk and weak on one side. Listen as the doctor obtains information from the daughter about doña Luisa's stroke symptoms, then interpret each line from English to Spanish. In upcoming lessons, the doctor will examine doña Luisa, and I will add all our lessons covering Spanish for the NIH stroke scale to the Stroke Module during August.

Updated Neurologic ROS Lesson

Gloria also helped me update the Neurological ROS (Review of Systems) lesson in our History and Exam course to prepare for the lessons covering stroke and seizures. This neurologic ROS lesson includes a new video with subtitles and a Quizlet set with all the terminology. Check it out! The stroke portion of that video and Quizlet set is the first lesson of our new stroke module.

The Power of Quizlet sets? 

And on the subject of Quizlet, I have started embedding Quizlet sets at the bottom of our course lessons as they are a super effective way to reinforce what you learn. (OJO: this is not an ad for Quizlet; I receive no financial compensation for using their resource.) I am telling you about Quizlet because it is incredibly effective! Check it out in the video above.

If you are a member, click to join our Quizlet class in the Resources section found at the bottom of our course lessons. When you join our Quizlet classes, you get access to our FULL sets with ALL the features for FREE. That way, Quizlet will track what you have learned and what you need to work on.

Y ya está. ¡Eso fue mucho! Next time I will post sooner and keep it shorter. 😉  

Un fuerte abrazo,

Doc Molly

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