by Doc Molly

June 5, 2023

In this module, we interpret a clinical dialogue where a pregnant woman is diagnosed with the flu in the clinic. We also practiced a Q and A of common questions about the flu and the flu vaccine.

Module Content

7 Lessons

Text lesson

Señora Garcia presents with a terrible cold to the clinic. Following the clinical dialogue, we practice expressing flu and common cold symptoms.

Text lesson

In this audio lesson, we will learn useful vocabulary and phrases for discussing common cold and flu symptoms in Spanish.

Text lesson

In this lesson, you will hear the doctor explain the diagnosis of the flu, how she likely got it from the sick children at the daycare, and the recommended treatment. Since Señora Garcia is pregnant, she is more likely to suffer complications. Therefore, treatment with an antiviral medication is recommended.

Text lesson

In this audio lesson, you will learn useful vocabulary and phrases for talking about the symptoms of the flu and how it is transmitted.

Text lesson

This is the first of two lessons covering questions and answers regarding the flu vaccine in Spanish. It is an updated lesson from our previous Q&A on the Flu. By the time we finish these two lessons on the flu vaccine, you will be equipped with useful words and phrases when talking about vaccinations in Spanish. LEVEL - ADVANCED

Text lesson

In this second audio lesson on the flu vaccine, we will discuss how the vaccine works and its common side effects. By the time we are done, you should feel confident when talking about vaccinations in Spanish. LEVEL - ADVANCED

Text lesson

In this final lesson, we discuss the complications of the flu and who is at higher risk of suffering those complications. You will learn useful Spanish when discussing chronic disease and risk. LEVEL - ADVANCED

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Ángel is a Registered Nurse in the US, originally from Mexico. He has a Masters in Teaching Spanish. His focus is Medical Spanish through role playing. He incorporates his bedside experience as a nurse into his teaching, always focusing on what his students need for their own practice. He has taught various medical professionals, including nurses, doctors, interpreters, and nurse practitioners.

He offers 1:1 online classes where he will ensure you get the proper knowledge and skills to communicate with your Spanish-speaking patients and their families.

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