Viral Gastroenteritis for Pediatrics

by Doc Molly

July 27, 2023

In this module, you will learn Spanish for the evaluation and treatment of a baby with diarrhea.

Module Content

Text lesson

A mother brings her baby to the clinic because he has diarrhea. The doctor obtains a clinical history and then discusses diagnosis and treatment.

Text lesson

As you interpret, you will learn how to ask about blood in the stool, wet diapers, vomiting, tears, and feeding.

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As you interpret, learn how to ask about fever, respiratory distress, rashes, birth history, travel, sick contacts, and vaccination status.

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As you interpret, you will learn how to explain treatment with rehydration solutions and continued nursing, how to assess hydration status, and when to return.

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Ángel Bahena

de México

Angel Bahena

Ángel is a Registered Nurse in the US, originally from Mexico. He has a Masters in Teaching Spanish. His focus is Medical Spanish through role playing. He incorporates his bedside experience as a nurse into his teaching, always focusing on what his students need for their own practice. He has taught various medical professionals, including nurses, doctors, interpreters, and nurse practitioners.

He offers 1:1 online classes where he will ensure you get the proper knowledge and skills to communicate with your Spanish-speaking patients and their families.

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