New Medical Spanish Lessons from Guatemala and Building Courses!

¡Hola a todos!

I’m back from Guatemala and excited to share all the new medical Spanish lessons we created while I was there.

New Medical Spanish Lessons from Guatemala! 

With my teacher, Elizabet Cortez from Español Sin Límite, we prepared lessons on STIs in women, anaphylaxis, and harm reduction in substance use disorders.

With my teacher, Henry Mejía from Cultural Spanish School, we prepared lessons on explaining a CT scan and diagnosing and treating cellulitis. We also recorded new audio for our old lessons, covering lab tests, X-rays, and medical equipment in the hospital.

Finally, I interviewed Luis, the director of Cultural Spanish School, about his late wife, who died of leukemia. I also interviewed another teacher at the school, Lupita, who suffered from hypertension during pregnancy and had to deliver her daughter prematurely.

Clockwise: Henry Mejía, Elizabet Cortez, My host family (Francela y Felix), and Lupita.

Clockwise: Henry Mejía, Elizabet Cortez, My host family (Francela y Felix), and Lupita.

So, I’ll be busy updating old lessons and publishing new ones! When I publish new free lessons, I’ll email you!

Building Courses 

Did you know that we are organizing all the lessons at into courses?

Right now, we are wrapping up our Reproductive Health Course. This week, we added a new module covering essential questions and phrases for Labor and Delivery. This weekend, we will finish the Prenatal Care module. By the end of the month, all 400+ lessons at will be organized into courses.

  • Courses provide easy navigation through topics.
  • Each lesson begins with a table of contents for quick navigation between sections.
  • With our integrated audio player, you can listen and follow along with the lesson notes.
  • At the end of each lesson, there is a quiz to test your knowledge.
  • Track your progress by clicking the lesson complete button.
  • We have also included a Resources section where you can download the lesson PDF and join our Quizlet class.
  • The Quizlet class gives you easy access to all the Quizlet sets in a course for quick and easy review.

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