In this lesson, Elizabet Cortez from Español Sin Límite, and I discuss Harm Reduction in Spanish. 

According to the National Institutes of Health, harm reduction is defined as interventions aimed to help people avoid the negative effects of drug use, namely infections and overdose.  It also allows us to meet people where they are with kindness and respect.

We discuss a recent Radio Ambulante episode, Sala de Consumo, which tells the story of two organizations in Mexico that use a harm reduction strategy by providing safe tools and a supervised setting for using drugs.

After the discussion, we practice some of the key vocabulary. 

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00:42 Introduction in English

02:32 Converstation with Eliza in Spanish

09:30 Vocabulary 

11:36 Closing 



El trastorno por consumo de drogas
Substance use disorder

La reducción de daños
Harm reduction

La adicción

La sobredosis

La infección

El fentanilo

El opioide sintético
Synthetic opioid en

La naloxona

El antídoto

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Special thanks to Elisabet Cortez, Espanol Sin Limité. Hasta la próxima!

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