Talking About Viruses in Spanish

In this lesson, we practice expressing the following in Spanish
1. Getting a viral illness
2. Transmitting a viral illness
3. A positive test result
4. Being contagious

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    • Hola, Laila.

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      You are positive for Covid.

      Usted ha dado positivo en / por / para / al / de Covid.
      Usted ha dado positivo en la prueba de Covid.

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      You will be contagious for 10 days.

      Será contagioso/a durante 10 días.

      And since we do not know with certainty how long they will be contagious, I may say:

      You may remain contagious for up to 10 days after the onset of symptoms.

      Puede seguir siendo contagioso/a hasta 10 días después del inicio de los síntomas.

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