Flu Symptoms in Spanish

Señora Garcia presents with a terrible cold to the clinic. Following the clinical dialogue, we practice expressing flu and common cold symptoms.

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  • 1:30 Clinical Dialogue - The Flu in Pregnancy
  • 3:04 Symptoms of the Flu and Common Cold

Symptoms of the Flu and Common Cold


Let’s review señora García’s symptoms, focusing on symptoms typical of the common cold.

Tengo un resfriado terrible.
(I have a terrible cold.)

Estoy resfriado/a.
(I have a cold.)

Tengo moqueo (nasal).
(I have a runny nose.)

Tengo dolor de garganta.
(I have a sore throat.)

¿Le duele la garganta?
Does your throat hurt?

Me duele al tragar.
(It hurts to swallow.)

A + EL > AL + TRAGAR = upon swallowing

Do you have a cough?
(Tiene tos?)

(to cough)


¿Está tosiendo mucho?
(Are you coughing a lot?)

Toso mucho.
(I cough a lot.)

¿Tiene flemas?
(Are you bringing up phlegm?)

It’s a dry cough.
(Es una tos seca.)

la nariz tapada
(stuffy nose)

Tengo la nariz tapada.
(I have a stuffy nose.)

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