Do you know how to say RUNNY NOSE in Spanish?

Runny Nose in Spanish

Hola a todos. Doc Molly here. He estado batallando con la siguiente pregunta:

Do you have a runny nose?

My teachers from Colombia, Mexico, and Guatemala all suggested,

¿Tiene mocos?

Runny Nose vs Boogers

However, Luis de Venezuela said this could also be interpreted as, “Do you have boogers?” 😜

In this case, maybe MOQUEO would be a better option.🤔

Multiple Options

En fin, hay varias maneras de hacer la pregunta, “Do you have a runny nose?” Here’s my list of options. Leave a comment below if you have more. Aquí tienen mi lista de opciones.

¿Tiene mocos?

¿Tiene moqueo?

¿Está moqueando?

¿Tiene escurrimiento nasal?

¿Tiene mucha secreción nasal? 

¿Tiene goteo nasal?

¿Está goteando su nariz?

¿Tiene la nariz aguada?*

¿Tiene la nariz suelta?* 

What people use will vary by country. I think the first seven should be understood by most people. The first three were preferred by my teachers from Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia. Not everyone will understand the last two. It will depend on the country they are from. 

Message for Members

I have decided to publish two member lessons covering questions related to the vocabulary we learned in the last free lesson: Symptoms of the Ears, Nose, Throat, and Chest in Spanish

The first will cover symptoms of the ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and throat.
The second premium lesson will cover symptoms of the heart and lungs.

¡Hasta pronto! 

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