Spanish for Pregnancy – Weight Gain and Caffeine Intake

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Ready to give some recommendations in Spanish for a healthy pregnancy? In today’s lesson, we will practice recommendations regarding healthy weight gain and caffeine intake during pregnancy. In the upcoming premium lessons, we will learn Spanish for a healthy diet during pregnancy and avoidance of toxic substances such as alcohol and tobacco. Finally, we will cover Spanish for common tests and procedures performed during prenatal visits.

I recorded these vocabulary builder lessons with my teacher, Elizabeth Cortez, while studying at the San Pedro Spanish School in Guatemala. Each lesson is based on information in Spanish about prenatal care in Spanish from the NIH website. Today’s lesson is based on information found here: ¿Cómo puedo promover un embarazo saludable?

Table of Contents

  • 1:33 Lesson begins – Physical Activity and Healthy Weight
  • 3:27 Guidelines for Weight Gain in Pregnancy
  • 8:12 Caffeine Intake during Pregnancy 
  • 11:32 Upcoming Lessons on Perinatal Care


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Recommendations in Spanish for a Healthy Pregnancy

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Physical Activity and a Healthy Weight


(el) embarazo saludable
(healthy pregnancy)

(las) recomendaciones

(to make, carry out)

(la) actividad física
(physical activity)

Continuar realizando actividad física.
(Continue to perform daily activity.)

un peso saludable
(a healthy weight)

Mantener un peso saludable
(To maintain a healthy weight)

Es importante continuar realizando actividad física y mantener un peso saludable.
(It is important to stay physically active and maintain a healthy weight.)

Guidelines for Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy


(according to)

(los) lineamientos

(el) Instituto de Medicina
(Institute of Medicine)

Según las lineamientos (las pautas) de 2009 del Instituto de Medicina….
(According to the 2009 guidelines from the Institute of Medicine….)



de bajo peso

(to increase, to gain)

(la) libra

(el) kilogramo

Una mujer de bajo peso debería aumentar entre 28 y 40 libras.
(A underweight woman should gain between 28 and 40 pounds.)

Normal Weight


de peso normal
(of normal weight)

Una mujer de peso normal debería aumentar entre 25 y 35 libras.
(A woman of normal weight should gain between 25 and 35 pounds.)



con sobrepeso

una mujer con sobrepeso
(an overweight woman)

Una mujer con sobrepeso debería aumentar entre 15 y 25 libras durante su embarazo.)
(An overweight should gain between 15 and 25 pounds during her pregnancy.)




Una mujer obesa debería aumentar entre 11 y 20 libras durante su embarazo.
(An obese woman should gain between 11 and 20 pounds during her pregnancy.)

Safe Caffeine Intake in Spanish


(la) cafeína

(el) consumo
(intake or consumption)

(to limit)

Limitar el consumo de cafeína
(to limit caffeine intake)

Risk of Miscarriage


(el) riesgo

(el) aborto espontáneo

El consumo alto puede aumentar el riesgo de aborto espontáneo
(High intake can increase the risk of miscarraige.)

Daily Intake


(los) miligramos

(to be equivalent, to equal)

una taza de café
(a cup of coffee)

al día
(a day, per day)

Limitar el consumo de cafeína a 200 miligramos, que equivale a una taza de café, al día.
(Limit caffeine intake to 200 milligrams, which is equal to a cup of coffee, a day.)


Spanish for Perinatal Care

My friend who is an interpreter, Sonja Um-Siri and I recorded audio relating to perinatal care while studying at the San Pedro Spanish School in Guatemala. We’ll be using this audio in upcoming lessons for the Medical Spanish Podcast.   I talk more about this amazing school and what we did in last week’s episode.

To prepare for these upcoming lessons on perinatal care, I recommend you check out our prior lessons on Women’s Health.

The upcoming lessons covering perinatal care will consist of interviews from San Pedro, Guatemala.  We talk with a family practice doctor, a midwife, and my Spanish teacher about perinatal care in Guatemala. These interviews provide insight into the life and traditions surrounding childbirth in Guatemala. We will also use these interviews to build our vocabulary and to practice useful phrases when speaking about perinatal care in Spanish.

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