Spanish for Checkups and Monitoring

Woman doctor asking a patient questions.In this lesson, we will practice Spanish for routine medical checkups and monitoring. Specifically, we will look at the words “control” and “controlar” in this setting.  To do this, we will use examples from our Spanish for Prenatal Care series.

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Table of Contents

Medical Checkups – Controles


First, let’s look at the use of CONTROL to say CHECKUP in Spanish.  From my interview with Dr. Méndez:

Durante los controles prenatales, nosotros hacemos pruebas de coagulación.

During prenatal checkups, we do coagulation tests.


los controles prenatales
prenatal checkups

las pruebas de coagulación
coagulation tests

Otro Ejemplo

Additionally, Eliza used the word CONTROL to describe what we cover in the Spanish for Prenatal Care series:


Los procedimientos que se realizan durante los controles prenatales

The procedures that are performed during prenatal checkups

Keeping Track – Llevar un Control


Now, let’s look at the Spanish phrase LLEVAR UN CONTROL to express that we are going to KEEP TRACK of something during routine checkups.

From the lesson, PN07 General Monitoring – Prenatal Care Vocab Builder:

Vamos a llevar un control de su salud y el crecimiento del feto.

We are going to keep track of your health and the growth of the fetus.


llevar un control
to keep track

el crecimiento

el feto

Monitoring – Controlar / Vigilar / Monitorear


Finally, Eliza used CONTROLAR to mean TO MONITOR in the following examples. From the lesson, PN08 Examining the Fetus – Prenatal Care Vocab Builder:

Vamos a controlar/monitorear/vigilar el ritmo de corazón del bebé.

We are going to monitor the baby’s heart rate.


controlar, vigilar, monitorear
to monitor, to watch over, to observe

el ritmo de corazón / cardíaco, la frecuencia de corazón / cardíaca
heart rate

In the lesson, Q and A – Palpitations and More in Spanish, we discuss different ways to say “heart rate” in Spanish.

Otro Ejemplo

To conclude, let’s look at one more example from the lesson: PN07 General Monitoring – Prenatal Care Vocab Builder


Vamos a controlar/monitorear/vigilar su presión arterial, su peso y su altura.

We are going to monitor your blood pressure, your weight, and your height.


la presión arterial
blood pressure

el peso

la altura

OJO: I personally prefer to use MONITOREAR o VIGILAR to say TO MONITOR. I have found that not everyone will understand CONTROLAR to mean that you are simply observing something and will only take action if needed. This use of controlar seems to vary depending on one’s familiarity with English and the health system.

!Aprendamos Juntos!

We would love to hear from you. Leave a comment. What Spanish words or phrases do you use to say:

  • Routine checkup
  • To keep track of
  • To monitor

Gracias por escuchar.  I hope you learned useful Spanish for routine checkups and monitoring.

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