High-Risk Pregnancy in Spanish – Interview

Dr. Mendez and I at his hospital in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala.Welcome to another episode covering Spanish for Prenatal Care. While studying at the San Pedro Spanish School, my friend Sonja and I interviewed a family practice doctor from San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala. In this episode, we talk to Dr. Francisco Méndez about the timing of prenatal care visits and high-risk pregnancy in Spanish.

While making this lesson, Eliza and I referred to information in Spanish from the NIH website: ¿Cómo puedo promover un embarazo saludable?

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Table of Contents

  • 0:50 Vocabulary
  • 1:47 Interview – High-Risk Pregnancy in San Pedro
  • 4:27 Using the Subjunctive to Ask About Existence



quedar embarazada
to become pregnant

el retraso menstrual
delay in menstruation, late menstrual period

el embarazo de alto riesgo
high-risk pregnancy

los embarazos en adolescentes
teenage pregnancy

Entrevista  – High-Risk Pregnancy in San Pedro

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Using the Subjunctive to Ask About Existence


¿Hay algunos casos de embarazos de alto riesgo que no pueda atender aquí?
Are there any cases of high-risk pregnancies that you can not care of here?

¿Hay algunos casos de embarazos de alto riesgo que necesiten ir a otro lado?
Are there any cases that need to go somewhere else here?

As I am asking a question about the existence of something, I use the subjunctive here. We practice this use of the subjunctive in the free lesson Quiz # 3 – The Subjunctive in Adjective Clauses and the premium lesson Subj08 Nonexistent Nouns, available to Spanish Grammar members.

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