PN05 Avoiding Alcohol and Tobacco – Prenatal Care Vocab Builder

Welcome to the third vocabulary-builder lesson covering Spanish for prenatal care. We are going to discuss the importance of avoiding tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy in Spanish. You will learn how to explain sudden infant death syndrome and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. LEVEL - UPPER INTERMEDIATE Table of Contents Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco Sudden Infant […]

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  • Thanks for making this series! So incredibly helpful as a family doc!

    I think the sticky audio player is great and would be helpful for any lessons you are able to covert.

    • Hola Melissa!

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I am working on another interview lessons with Dr. Méndez and it is great motivation to see these words of encouragement as I work!

      Te lo agradezco un montón


    • Regarding the sticky audio player: Thanks for the feedback. Others have told me they like it as well, so I am working on converting all players to sticky!

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