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In the brief (3 min) video below, I show you how to easily search Spanish topics and words using the browse and search widgets at the bottom of each page. If you prefer to read, scroll down. 

We have covered a lot of ground since I first started podcasting in 2007, and I want you to take full advantage of all the Spanish offered at For this reason, I have added browse and search widgets to the bottom of each page. Using these widgets, you can search Spanish topics and words to quickly find what you are looking for.

Search Spanish topics using the browse and search widgets at the bottom of each page.

Let me give you an example. Have you ever thought? ...

"I know Doc Molly covered anesthesia in one of her audio lessons. How do I find it?"

Click on the graphic and you'll see what happens when you enter anesthesia in the search widget. All the pages and audio lessons where "anesthesia" appears are listed. From this list, you see that we mentioned anesthesia in two audio lessons: Anesthesia - A Clinical Dialogue and Preoperative Evaluation in Spanish. Both are found in the Surgery series. Finally, to view all the all the lessons in the Surgery series, you would use the the browse widget on the left. We cover this widget in the video. 

OJO: If you're not logged in, the search results only include FREE pages and audio lessons. The list would be longer, if you were logged in as a member, 

Results when you search Spanish topic anesthesia using the search widget.

Click to enlarge and see search results for anesthesia. 

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I hope you found this helpful. Leave a comment below if you have questions or feedback. Happy language learning! 

Un abrazo,

Doc Molly

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