Preoperative Evaluation in Spanish

Señora Campos is Evaluated Before Knee Surgery

Two surgeons operatingListen to this preoperative evaluation in Spanish. Mrs. Campos is seen by a physician assistant and they discuss her medical and surgical history and the medications she is taking. She takes insulin for her diabetes. The physician assistant assesses the patient’s risk for surgery. She asks about a history of thrombosis or bleeding, heart problems, lung problems, history of smoking, kidney problems and her functional capacity. Finally, they discuss how she should take her medications prior to surgery.

Preoperative Evaluation in Spanish

Physician Assistant (PA)
Patient (P)

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  • Molly thanks for your podcasts. I just heard the one dealing with pre-operation vocabulary for a knee surgery. Really good job. The dialogues are getting better and better.
    PS: Do you still have a portion of your podcasts dedicated to Physical or Occupational therapy?

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