News – Member Collaboration and Updated Flu Q&A Lessons

Feliz año nuevo. Doc Molly here. This is actually not an audio lesson. It’s an informational episode. We discuss member collaboration on upcoming lessons and updates to the series on the Flu.

Member Collaboration on Upcoming Series

First, I am really excited about this year’s lineup of new audio lessons. I am going to base our future lessons on members suggested topics. Coming up we have a series of COPD based on a dialogue provided by a pulmonologist. Additionally, we have a series on Vertigo based on dialogues provided by a physical therapist. Collaborating with specialists to write authentic dialogues that will be useful in real life situations. I’m very thankful for your collaboration and anxious to share these lessons with you.

Work in Mental Health or Women’s Health? Send me a sample dialogue!

0:52   I have also received a lot of great suggestions and recommendations from members. Topping this list are requests for more lessons covering women’s health and mental health. Now as you know I am a hospitalist so I will be doing some research to put these lessons together. Therefore, if you work in women’s health or mental health, feel free to send me a sample dialogue in English of a typical dialogue you have with your patients and I will likely use your dialogue to put together audio Spanish lessons that are useful for you and many others.

“Flu in Pregnancy” Lessons

01:30  Okay and now for some clarification on the upcoming lessons covering the flu I wanted to share some useful Spanish for the flu season this year so I just published a free lesson based on the clinical dialogue, “Flu in Pregnancy.” In this dialogue, señora Garcia, an expectant mother, presents the clinic with a terrible cold which, you guessed it, is the flu. The premium lessons that go along with the “Flu in Pregnancy” dialogue were originally published a few years ago. You’ll find links to these lessons in your show notes. They’re also found on the member page for the flu series.

Free Lesson:

Premium Lessons:

Updated Q&A on the Flu and the Flu Vaccine

02:08 Prior to the “Flu in Pregnancy” lessons, I published a series covering questions and answers regarding the flu and the flu vaccine. Now, some of you may have noticed that these lessons were removed from the site last month. Ángel and I reviewed all of these Q&A lessons and decided to make some changes. We simplified the grammar added some new material and tried to make the answers more applicable to changes made in the flu vaccine. Therefore, in the next couple of weeks, you will see these updated lessons populate your feed. If you had already downloaded the flu series, I recommend you delete the old lessons in order not to confuse the old lessons with the newly updated lessons.

OJO: As with all the lessons offered a, you should not consider these Q&A lessons medical advice or instruction. We wrote these lessons to teach useful Spanish vocabulary and phrases for talking about viral illnesses and vaccination, not to teach medicine nor to give medical advice.

And that’s it. Thanks for listening. You’ll hear from me soon and happy Spanish learning. Hasta pronto.

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