Dolor de Vientre, Present Perfect and a Medical Spanish Seminar in Costa Rica

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  • 1:48 Dialogue: Dolor de Vientre
  • 3:48 Practice the Present Perfect
  • 7:17 Interview with Sianny

Medical Seminar in Costa Rica

Today we are visited by Sianny Angulo. Sianny teaches a Medical Spanish seminar in Costa Rica. She asked if she could write a medical Spanish dialogue for this podcast in order to spread the word about the seminar.  The seminar is organized by Richard Saucier, a Nurse Anesthetist from the states. It’s in Costa Rica and participants can receive CME credits. OJO: I am not affiliated with this seminar and receive no financial kickback if you go. I simply thought you may enjoy hearing a dialogue written and recorded with a teacher from Costa Rica and that you may be interested in this opportunity to study medical Spanish there. At the end of this lesson, Sianny tells us more about the seminar.

Check out Sianny’s and Richard’s medical Spanish seminar in Costa Rica.

The Present Perfect in Today’s Dialogue

In this dialogue, you will hear a woman present with “Dolor de Vientre” and Sianny purposely included several examples of verbs in the present perfect so that we could practice using this tense. The present perfect combines the auxiliary verb HABER in the present tense with a PAST PARTICIPLE. For example:

¿Has viajado a Costa Rica antes?
Have you traveled to Costa Rica before?

As you listen to the dialogue, try to pick out all the examples of the present perfect.

Dialogue: Dolor de Vientre

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