Insulin Injection in Spanish

Explaining an Insulin Injection in Spanish

Learn new vocabulary and grammar as you listen to an explanation of how to give an insulin injection in A woman injecting herself with insulin in the abdomen Spanish.

This is the 4th podcast in our series on Insulin. Ángel explains to Mrs. Diaz, a newly diagnosed diabetic, how to give inject insulin. He covers where to inject the insulin, rotating injection sites, and proper disposal of sharp materials. This podcast is only intended to teach Spanish. You should consult with a medical professional before using insulin.




Ahora límpiese la piel con alcohol y deje que se seque.
Now clean your skin with alcohol and let it dry.

Sujete un pliegue de piel entre su dedo pulgar y su dedo índice así.
Take hold of a fold of skin between your thumb and index finger like this.

Sostenga la jeringa para que la aguja haga un ángulo con la piel así.
Hold the syringe so that that the needle makes an angle with your skin like this.

Introduzca la aguja en la piel y empuje el émbolo para inyectarse toda la insulina.
Insert the needle into the skin and push the plunger to inject all the insulin.

Muy bien.

Si hay un poco de sangre cuando se quite la aguja, aplique presión con la telilla de algodón.
If there is a little blood when you remove the needle, apply pressure with the cotton pad.

Después deseche la aguja y la jeringa en un contenedor especial para materiales punzantes. Así.
Then dispose of the needle and syringe in a special container for sharp materials, like this.

Los lugares habituales para aplicarse insulina son la parte superior del brazo, el frente y el costado de los muslos, y el abdomen.
The usual places to inject insulin are the upper part of the arm, the front and side of the thighs and the abdomen.

Para que no se engrose la piel, vaya rotando los lugares donde se inyecta la insulina.
To avoid thickening of the skin, rotate the places where you inject yourself with insulin.

Got it.



(la) piel

to dry

to take hold of

to hold

(el) pliegue

(el) dedo pulgar

(el) dedo índice
index finger

(el) ángulo

to introduce, to insert

Yo introduzco la aguja.
I insert the needle.

Él introduce la agua.
He inserts the needle.

(Nosotros) Introducimos la aguja.
We insert the needle.

Introduzca la aguja.
Insert the needle. (addressing Usted)

to discard, to dispose of

(el) contenedor

(los) materiales punzantes
sharp materials

(la) parte superior
the upper part

(los) lugares habituales
usual places

el frente / la frente
front / forehead

(el) costado

(el) muslo

la parte superior del brazo
the upper part of the arm

el frente y el costado del muslo
the front and side of the thigh

to thicken

to rotate

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