Family Planning – Interview with a Comadrona

A drawing of a woman holding a baby.Let’s talk about family planning in Spanish. This is the second part of an interview with Ester, a comadrona (midwife) from San Pedro, Guatemala. (You can listen to the first part of the interview here: Service of a Comadrona.) Ester and I talk about la planificación familiar in San Pedro and how things have changed. When Ester was a girl, families were large and people did not think about family planning. However, actualmente (nowadays), young people in San Pedro are considering all that they will need to provide for their children and whether or not they have the means to do so. It is now common for young women to use birth control in order to space out their pregnancies. We discuss the preferred method of birth control and the role that men usually play in family planning.



(la) planificación familiar
family planning

(los) embarazos

to space out

espaciar los embarazos
to space out pregnancies

un método de planificación familiar
a family planning method

(la) aceptación

(la) inyección

contraceptive, birth control

una inyección anticonceptiva
a contraceptive injection

un método anticonceptivo
a birth control method

(la) responsabilidad

The Interview

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