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Boletín en video – 15 de Mayo, 2023

Do you still struggle with the subjunctive? You are not alone. The subjunctive mood is often oversimplified as merely reflecting uncertainty, but we all know it's much more complicated than that. To truly master the subjunctive, it's necessary to take a deep dive into its nuances and devote time to understanding them. That’s why I created over 20 lessons to finally master it! And now, all my lessons covering the subjunctive are organized into a new course, so that you can easily navigate the lessons and track your progress.

Whether you're walking the dog or commuting to work, you can listen to the lessons in this course at your own pace. Plus, test your knowledge with the quiz at the end of each module.

Don't let the subjunctive hold you back. Check out our new course! With the help of my teachers from Mexico, I will make updates based on your questions and feedback. 

Take a tour of the new course in the video above! 

Test Your Spanish and leave feedback. 

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