Detection of Chagas Disease

In this introductory lesson to our series on Chagas disease, we present a clinical dialogue where a healthcare provider recommends screening for the disease, and the subsequent follow-up conversation that takes place after the patient tests positive for Chagas disease. 

This clinical dialogue was adapted from a dialogue I received in English, from a researcher named Maddie Dauphinais. Maddie works with a team of researchers and clinicians from Boston University and Boston Medical Center called INSECT. INSECT stands for Implementing Novel Strategies for Education and Chagas Testing.  Chagas disease, caused by infection with the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, is primarily found in Latin America. Infection can lead to heart disease, intestinal problems, among other health consequences. It affects hundreds of thousands of migrants living in the US. The goal of the INSECT team is to raise awareness about Chagas disease and improve its screening and diagnosis nationally. This dialogue will help providers discuss the screening process and the results of testing with their patients from Mexico, Central America and South America.  

Joining me for this lesson is my Spanish teacher from México, Daniela Grave. In addition to being an instructor at the online Spanish school, Deliberate Spanish - La Comunidad, she is the cocreator of the Spanish-learning podcast Cognados. Following the dialogue, you will here the first part of a Q and A between Daniela and myself, where I ask her questions about the vocabulary and grammar from the dialogue.

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Table of Contents


  • Le recomiendo que se haga un examen de detección 1:54
  • La prueba dio positivo 2:59
  • ¿Cómo contraje esto? 3:33
  • Estudios del Corazón 4:23
  • Tratamiento 5:31
  • Transmisión y Detección en Familiares 6:08

Preguntas y Respuestas 

  • Saludos 7:18
  • Quisiera hablar con usted 8:41
  • Exámenes, Pruebas, Análisis, Estudios 10:23
  • Hacer Recomendaciones 11:49
  • Transmisión y Propagación 13:47
  • Regiones de Contagio 14:44
  • Al principio, no suele causar problemas 15:45

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