Stroke in Spanish

Doña Luisa presents to the ER unable to speakStroke in Spanish

Listen to this clinical encounter about a stroke in Spanish. Doña Luisa is weak on one side and unable to speak. The ER doctor must obtain most of the history from her daughter.  Listen to how the doctor asks about weakness, balance, and the onset of symptoms.

Clinical Encounter

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2) You learn how to interpret the stroke history line by line.
3) You learn how to interpret the neurological exam line by line.
4) Finally we review key vocabulary and phrases pertaining to stroke.

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  • A stroke scale assessment would be great to study. I work in the ER and would like more on those situations, triaging and intaking a pt’s assessment. Describing a heart cath for a pt and fibrinolytic, tpa etc, etc.

  • Dra Molly encontre un error. En la parte que dice : esta mañana pase por su casa para (hablarle sobre) ir a la iglesia, y … La parte en paréntesis debe ser eliminada porque el diálogo no lo menciona.

    • Muchísimas gracias Graciela por la correción. Te lo agradezco mucho. Y también actualicé el tocador para que se quede en la pantalla conforme lees los show notes.

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