SER vs ESTAR – Intro to the Spanish Grammar Review Podcast

Do you know when to use SER vs ESTAR?

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Some of you may remember my original Spanish Grammar Review podcast that I started in 2007. I took a break to focus on the Medical Spanish Podcast and resumed podcasting about Spanish grammar in June of 2012. In this first podcast of the “new” Spanish Grammar Review we take an audio quiz covering when to use SER and when to use ESTAR. I hope you enjoy it.

El concierto ____ en Minneapolis.
(The concert is in Minneapolis.)

¡El pescado ___ rico!
(The fish is delicious!)

Mi casa ____ a 10 kilómetros del centro.
(My house is 10 kilometers from downtown.)

___ yo.
(It’s me.)

El trabajo ____ hecho.
(The work is done.)

Ya ___ tarde.
(It’s already too late.)

¿Cómo ___ el dolor?
(What is the pain like?)

Lo más importante ___ los niños.
(The most important thing is the children.

El cielo ___ azul.
(The sky is blue.)

¡El cielo ___ anaranjado!
(The sky is orange!)

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