Evaluation of a Red Eye in Spanish

A woman's red eye.

In today’s episode, señora Rosa presents to the clinic with pain and redness in her left eye. During this clinical encounter, you will learn common words and phrases used during the evaluation of a red eye in Spanish.

I was recently contacted by Christine Chmielewski, an RN, and optometrist, who teaches basic eye care to community health workers in Petén, Guatemala through Petén Health.  Christine is helping a group from VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) prepare for a trip to Bolivia where volunteers will see 750 or more patients a day, providing eye care and glasses at no cost. In order to help volunteers from Petén Health and VOSH, I put together the Eye Care in Spanish series for this group. This series is part of a Basic Medical Membership at docmolly.com.

Evaluation of a Red Eye in Spanish

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Vocabulary & Phrase Review

la lesión

¿Ha tenido alguna lesión en el ojo?
(Have you had any injuries to your eye?)


Mi visión esta borrosa.
(My vision is blurry.)

Mantenga los ojos abiertos.
(Keep your eyes open.)

derivar, remitir
(to refer)

Vamos a derivarlo/la al oftalmólogo/a.
(We are going to refer you to the ophthalmologist.)

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