In today’s episode, we practice vocabulary and phrases used during an exam exam in Spanish, but first! … I tell you a little bit about myself and why I started podcasting.

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Eye Exam Lesson


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If you have listened to my podcast before, you know that I often record lessons with native-Spanish speakers and teachers. While preparing the lessons that I write and record independently, I research and consult with native Spanish-speaking teachers because I want to make everything I present as accurate and authentic as possible. I am currently taking lessons from a teacher named Elena at Elena is from Columbia. She is great. Always prepared, professional and she specializes in medical Spanish.

Special thanks to Christine Chmielewski, an RN and optometrist, who provides basic eye care in Guatemala through her organization Petén Health. Christine requested this series of lessons for volunteers working in Latin America, and she provided me with lists of phrases commonly used when providing basic eye care.

Gracias por escuchar.  The lessons offered at are a fun way to practice medical Spanish. They are not intended to provide medical advice. There is no substitute for a certified medical interpreter.

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