Giving Directions in Spanish Within a Hospital

This free Spanish audio lesson introduces the "Giving Directions in Spanish" series at As requested by Bien, a listener, we will practice giving directions in Spanish within a hospital.

First, we will review the vocabulary. Then, we will use this vocabulary to give directions in Spanish. Normally we are speaking with strangers when we ask for and give directions. Therefore, we will use the Usted conjugation for all the verbs.


Excuse me.

La cafeteria

El sótano

Baje al sótano.
Go down to the basement.

El pasillo, el corredor

Siga el pasillo.
Follow the hall.

A la derecha / izquierda
To the right / left

El ascensor

Al salir del ascensor
As you leave the elevator

Doble/gire a la derecha/izquierda
Turn right/left

A mano derecha/izquierda
On the right-hand/left-hand side

Asking for and Giving Directions

Perdone, ¿Dónde está la cafetería?
Excuse me. Where is the cafeteria?

Está en el sótano.
It’s in the basement.

¿Cómo se va / se llega allí?
How do you get there?

Siga (por) este pasillo y usted verá el ascensor a la derecha.
Follow this hallway and you’ll see the elevator to your right.

Baje al sótano.
Go down basement.

Al salir del ascensor, doble/gire a la izquierda.
As you exit the elevator, turn left.

Verá la cafeteria a mano derecha.
You will see the cafeteria on the right-hand side.

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