Interactive Spanish learning!

Do you take advantage of all the interactive features included in our medical Spanish audio lessons? 

  • When a new series comes out, do you subscribe to the premium feed?
    • Subscribe to the feed through a compatible podcast app.
    • Learn while commuting or walking!
    • Never miss a lesson.
    • New lessons are automatically added to your feed as they are published.
  • Do you use the Navigation Links and Timestamps in each audio lesson published after 8/2019?
    • Need to review something?
    • Click on the link in the navigation box to review the show notes.
    • Click the timestamp to skip to that section of the audio.
  • Do you take the quiz at the end of each lesson?
    • Reinforce what you learned.
    • Earn points for bonus content.
    • Mark the lesson as complete!

In the 7 minute video below, I show you how you can do all of this.
Use the timestamps for easy navigation through the video.

00:27 – Subscribe Premium Feed
01:43 – Settings in Overcast
02:40 – Go to Course
04:04 – Take Quiz
05:25 – Lección Completada
05:49 – Course Dashboard

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