A woman holding her pregnant abdomen.In this quick audio lesson, you will learn how to say and explain neural tube in Spanish.

In our most recent premium audio lesson covering Spanish for prenatal care, we practice recommending folic acid during pregnancy to help prevent neural tube defects. What follows is a short excerpt from this audio lesson where we answer the following question in Spanish: What is the neural tube?

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What is the neural tube?


¿Qué es el tubo neural?

El tubo neural es la parte del feto que se convierte en el cerebro y la médula espinal.

The neural tube is the part of the fetus that turns into the brain and the spinal cord.



(el) feto

convertirse en
to turn into, to become

Se convierte en…
It turns into…

(el) cerebro

(la) médula espinal
spinal cord


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