BB04 External Anatomy

Learn vocabulary for external parts of the body.

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    • Thank you so mucho. Agradezco mucho tu comentario. Voy a añadir más quizzes.

  • El oido is defined as the inner ear. some south Americans I know say the oido is the manner that educated people say “ear.” Oreja is used more street language. Que opiné ud?

    • Hello Carl,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I basically think about it this way. We use OÍDO to refer to the part of the ear that you can’t see, the actual apparatus that allows you to hear and keep your balance. Note, we also use OÍDO when speaking about swimmer’s ear or otitis externa, but this involves the auditory canal involved in hearing, which is hidden from plain sight. We use OREJA when speaking about the pinna or auricle of the ear. For example, when speaking about pierced ears (orejas perforadas).

      Espero que mi respuesta te sea de utilidad.

      Un abrazo,


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