Vaccine Effectiveness – Viral Transmission – New variants – Premium

In this lesson, we practice three useful phrases for discussing vaccines effectiveness and viral transmission as we face of new variants. LEVEL - ADVANCED

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  • I put the answer to question 5 as se disponga de, actualizaremos, and was told this was incorrect, but then in the subsequent quiz review, this was posted as one of the correct answers.

    I prefer when the material to be interpreted in not so lengthy. Sometimes it is not the vocabulary that makes the interpretation challenging, it is the amount of information to be interpreted.

    • Thank you for your feedback Nancy. A member recently asked that I include longer interpretations in the lessons as it is good practice for medical interpretation. Therefore, I am trying to include short interpretations and then longer interpretations at the end of a section of lesson.

      Regarding Question 5, you were not wrong, but there are actually TWO right answers and it asked that you “Elije todas las traducciones correctas.” I know, kinda tricky. 😉 HINT: Whenever there is more than one right answer you will notice there are check boxes next to the answers.

      Thanks again for your comment.

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