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We started adding a quiz to each lesson in the Fall of 2020.  Here is a list of all quizzes added to date.

Visit this page regularly to review what you learned in the most recent Spanish audio lessons.

Spanish for the Covid Vaccines

Take the quiz for each of the lessons in our latest series on the Covid vaccines. 

Expressions of Sympathy

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This quiz covers our latest member lesson: PC04 Expressing Sympathy in our Palliative Care series. 

Communicating Bad news

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This quiz covers our latest free lesson: Vital Talk – Communicating Bad News in Spanish. It is based on a dialogue adapted from the communication guide for Covid

Medication follow up

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This quiz covers our recent free lesson: Medication Follow up Visit in Spanish, in which we practice a virtual visit in Spanish to ask how the patient is doing on their recently prescribed medications.

Spanish for the evaluation of Vertigo

Take the quiz for each of the lessons in our latest series on vertigo. 

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