Quiz #5 – The Subjunctive in Conditional Statements and More

Are you ready to take on some advanced Spanish grammar? This audio quiz reviews the material covered in the following premium audio lessons.

Light bulb with question mark Subjunctive 15 – Conditional (If… then… ) Statements About the Present
Subjunctive 16 – Conditional Statements About the Past
Subjunctive 17 – The Subjunctive Following “Como Si”
Subjunctive 18 – The Subjunctive Following “Ojalá”
Subjunctive 19 – “No Matter How Much” in Spanish
Subjunctive 20 – La Forma Reduplicativa

Conditional Statements About the Present

Si supieran / supiesen* la verdad, nunca nos dejarían entrar.
If they knew the truth, they would never let us in.

Si lo pones en la mesa de la cocina, no lo olvidaré.
If you put it on the kitchen table, I won’t forget it.

Si no costara / costase tanto, lo compraría.
If it didn’t cost so much, I would buy it.

Si no te importa, voy a llevar a Sofía conmigo.
If you don’t mind, I am going to take Sofía with me.

We use the indicative when speaking of likely possibilities and we use the subjunctive when speaking more hypothetically.

*I have included the alternative form of the imperfect subjunctive above. We use the more common form of the imperfect subjunctive in this audio lesson. We cover the alternative conjugation in Choose the Correct Tense of the Subjunctive.

Conditional Statements About the Past

Si te hubiera / hubiese visto, te habría / hubiera* saludado.
If I had seen you, I would have said hi.

Yo me habría / hubiera roto una pierna si (yo) hubiera / hubiese hecho eso.
I would have broken a leg if I had done that.

*You can use either the perfect conditional or the common form of the pluperfect subjunctive here. This is explained further in the premium audio lessons.

The Subjunctive Following “Como Si”

Hazlo como si tu vida dependiera / dependiese de ello.
Do it like your life depends on it.

Se porta como si no le molestara / molestase.
He acts as if it didn’t bother him.

Mauricio me trataba como si nunca hubiéramos / hubiésemos trabajado juntos.
Mauricio was treating me as if we had never worked together.

The Subjunctive Following “Ojalá”

Ojalá (que) todas mis cosas quepan en mi maleta.
I hope all my things fit in my suitcase.

Ojalá (que) todas mis cosas cupieran / cupiesen dentro de una maleta.
I wish all my things fit inside one suitcase.

“No Matter How Much” in Spanish

Por más que quieras, no puedes cambiarlo.
As much as you would like to, you can’t change him.

Por muy barato que sea, no voy a comprarlo.
No matter how cheap it is, I’m not going to buy it.

La Forma Reduplicativa

Hagas lo que hagas, no olvides tu pasaporte.
Whatever you do, don’t forget your passport.

Shout out to Ángel Bahena whose voice you heard for most of the Spanish interpretations in this audio lessons. Ángel teaches Spanish over Skype. Click here to inquire about taking lessons.

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