This podcast reviews some of the grammar points covered during an interview I did for the Medical Spanish Podcast. I interviewed folk healer Francisco Chavajay while studying at the San Pedro Spanish School in Guatemala. The clinical dialogues and interviews presented in the Medical Spanish Podcast provide an effective method of learning key grammatical concepts used in everyday Spanish conversation. In this free grammar podcast, we go over a sampling of the grammar points covered in my interview with don Francisco.

Don Francisco and I outside his home in San Pedro.

Don Francisco and I

Grammar Points from the Interview

“Fíjese que para ser curandero uno no aprende, no le enseñan.”


Fíjate que son muy caros.
Look, they are very expensive.

Fíjese que para ser curandero uno no aprende.
You see, to be a curandero one doesn’t learn.

The Third Person Plural to Express a Passive Action in Spanish

“No le enseñan.”
One is not taught.

Me ingresaron en el hospital.
I was admitted to the hospital.

Le enseñaron a respetar a los mayores.
She was taught to respect her elders.

Sino Que

“No le enseñan, sino que lo trae desde el vientre de la madre.”
One isn’t taught, rather one gets it from the womb of the mother.

No me riñeron, sino que me animaron.
They did not scold me, instead, they encouraged me.

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