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Written by healthcare providers. Translated, and recorded with teachers from Latin America.

OJO: We cover a lot of grammar in these lessons, which reference our Spanish Grammar lessons. Want it all? Consider our All Access Membership.

These lessons are priceless! Doc Molly senses where we struggle, gives multiple ways to say or remember phrases. has long enough and frequent enough podcasts that you can listen to while walking your dog, driving to work or on your computer. She repeats the Spanish after the native speaker, so we can hear it enunciated. She asks the questions we would ask the patient ourselves. She allows us to submit topics, and she does trainings on topics we need! I have tried many apps, podcasts, tutors, and never found anyone as “spot on” on how to teach a gringo as Doc Molly. She is an amazing teacher, tireless worker, and puts on podcasts that work! Best ever!

Laila powers  | Emergency Medicine MD

Thanks to your website I was able to pass the interpreter exam to be a certified Spanish speaking physician through the clinic!

Dr. K  | Psychiatrist, MD

I LOVE these lessons! Since finding your podcast two days ago I've already become more confident. Gracias! I love how the interview gets presented, then broken down. I am finding it very helpful that each podcast builds on the last one with repetition so my brain is beginning to fill with Spanish. I like the variety of topics, the unique presentation, and explanations about different colloquialisms etc.

alison newell  | student midwife

These podcasts are excellent! They’ve helped me so much as an interpreter. Thanks a bunch.

Altini Yarima  | Medical Interpreter

Your podcasts are truly wonderful. I have learned more practical Spanish from your podcasts than any other resource I’ve used previously.

Betsy W  | MD