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Written by healthcare providers. Translated, and recorded with teachers from Latin America.

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“I am very grateful for finding your podcast as it’s already helped me tons. I really feel that all I’ve learned with my tutor up until now is coming together with your lessons.”

Alison Newell  | Student Midwife

"I subscribe to a number of different Spanish language programs and Doc Molly by far is the most helpful in terms of what I need to talk about on a daily basis. The lessons on Covid-19 are absolutely invaluable! I have been unable to find anything similar anywhere. So helpful!"

Priscilla Lee  | NP

“I've been a subscriber since we moved to Miami 7 years ago and your podcasts have been invaluable to me as an Internist in military clinics here.”

E.S.  | Internist

Love the audio lessons and having the written dialog if needed to refer to!

Anne  | Passion

Your podcasts are truly wonderful. I have learned more practical Spanish from your podcasts than any other resource I’ve used previously.

Betsy W  | MD