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Written by healthcare providers. Translated, and recorded with teachers from Latin America.

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Very well organized content with thorough explanations.

Sara Ann  | Social work

These podcasts are excellent! They’ve helped me so much as an interpreter. Thanks a bunch.

Altini Yarima  | Medical Interpreter

Your podcasts are truly wonderful. I have learned more practical Spanish from your podcasts than any other resource I’ve used previously.

Betsy W  | MD

I am largely self-taught in Spanish... the only formal instruction that I've had is one year of college Spanish about 25 years ago.

Instead of formal study, I have used resources like Doc Molly's podcast (in its various iterations). Her lessons are topical and weave grammar lessons into the core medical Spanish. I appreciate that she incorporates native-speakers into her lessons and that she tries to address geographical variations, as well.

Coupled with some additional written resources, this is what you need to develop basic or advanced medical Spanish skills.

Bruce Gittings  | Critical Care and Emergency Nursing

Your podcasts have been an enduring, helpful, and enjoyable resource for me as I seek to better communicate and connect with Spanish speakers.

Michael Brady  | Primary Care Physician

I love your podcasts. I am a nurse studying for the Spanish Medical Interpreter certification from the NBCMI and I only wish I’d found your podcasts sooner. The dialogue is always one step ahead of my knowledge, which pushes me to learn but doesn’t overwhelm. The topics, vocabulary, native speakers, and real-life situations are fantastic and hold my interest. The podcast format makes it so I can go on a walk or drive and still study. I love how you incorporate the listener’s interaction by testing vocabulary and leaving space for us to interpret. I had been pushing off my oral exam because I didn’t feel like my studying efforts were helping before, now I’m set to take the exam in a few months. Of course, the podcast doesn’t just help me prepare for the exam, it also improves my knowledge for my interactions with Spanish-speaking patients at work, and that’s the best!

Lillian W  | RN & Medical Interpreter