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This is my first free podcast since September and my first free grammar podcast for over a year! As many of you know I host two podcasts: the Spanish Grammar Review and the Medical Spanish Podcast. In 2016, I finished up the premium series on the Subjunctive for the grammar podcast and then kept busy making premium lessons for the Medical Spanish Podcast. More recently, I took a break from podcasting to build this new website at docmolly.com. Since building this site I have added two premium lessons to the Verbs series of the Spanish Grammar Subscription covering QUEDAR and QUEDARSE and today's free podcast is a quiz reviewing what we learned in these premium lessons.

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Me quedé en casa de un amigo.
(I stayed at a friends house.)

Quedamos a las siete en la plaza.
(We're meeting at seven at the plaza.)

(Ellos) quedaron en ir hoy.
They decided / agreed to go today.

Nos quedan tres invitaciones por escribir.
(We have three invitations left to write.)

Quedan cinco días para navidad.
(There are five days left until Christmas.)

Él siempre queda bien con las chicas.
(He always makes a good impression with the girls.)

Esa corbata queda bien con tus ojos.
(That tie goes well with your eyes.)

Se quedó pensativa un largo rato.
(She remained deep in thought for a long time.)

Aún queda comida.
(There's still food left.)

La escuela queda a tres millas de aquí.
(The school is 3 miles from here.)

Siempre se me quedan los guantes en casa!
(I always leave my gloves at home.)

No nos queda más remedio.
(We have no choice.)

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