Do you know how to use the preposition POR? In this audio lesson, we are going to practice the many uses of the preposition POR. Buckle up. It's a long one. Duration Note that it is not common to use POR when expressing the duration of actions and events that are still in progress. In […]

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  • Hi all. While reviewing this lesson in preparation for the next one, I noticed that I incorrectly used the USTED conjugation of PASAR in the example, “Cuando vayas a casa, pasa por la tienda.” I said “PASE” instead of “PASA.” I corrected the audio on August 11, 2017. Therefore, if you downloaded this audio lesson prior to 8-11-17 via your podcast feed, just delete the episode and re-download it. If you ever have a question or think I made an error, just post a comment under the lesson, and I´ll respond ASAP. ¡Gracias!

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