PT08 Moving Part of the Body

LEVEL - UPPER INTERMEDIATE ENTIRE BODY > reflexive verb Relax (your whole body).Relájese. PART OF THE BODY > non-reflexive verb Relax your leg.Relaje la pierna. ESTIRAR Estire los brazos.(Stretch your arms.) Estire los brazos (por) arriba de la cabeza.(Stretch your arms above your head.) Vamos a estirar las pantorrillas antes de correr.(We are going to […]

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    • Yes, you definitely could. “Mantenga la espalda recta, derecha, erguida” are all correct.

  • I very much appreciate the show notes – I played sentadillas several times and just couldn’t hear it, and I was thinking apoyar was a apollar . Also, your explanations about the use of the reflexive verb, reminders as to when not to use the reflexive form ie gire a la izquierda, and use of the possessive vs article with a body part is extremely valuable

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