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¡Ya está! Hemos completado todos los pasos de la escala de ACV del NIH en español. Ve arriba el último boletín en vídeo para saber cómo acceder estas valiosas lecciones.

Check out the latest chapter covering Spanish for the NIH Stroke Scale in our Spanish for Emergencies course.

  • Listen and interact with the audio lesson.  We design our audio lessons for learning while exercising or commuting, with sufficient pauses to formulate your response before hearing the answers. 
  • Reinforce what you learn through spaced repetition using the Quizlet set at the end of each lesson. 
  • Track your progress by marking each lesson complete.
  • Download the PDF for each lesson and always have the Spanish at your fingertips.  

Complete our Spanish for the NIH Stroke Scale course to master all the Spanish required to perform this critical exam while evaluating a patient with a suspected stroke.

Pronto volveré con lecciones sobre cómo hablar a la familia acerca de la reanimación cardiopulmonar de un ser querido. Shout out to Benjamin, a paramedic who suggested this topic and helped me with the content for this series. This real-life, practical Spanish will help our patients and their families.

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