Conditional Statements and More

by Doc Molly

May 12, 2023

In this module, we first learn when to use the subjunctive in conditional (if-then) statements. Then, we practice using the subjunctive to express "whatever, however, whenever" and "no matter how much."

Module Content

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Practice making CONDITIONAL (If..., then ...) STATEMENTS, where the IF CLAUSE expresses a CONDITION and the main clause expresses the result of that condition.

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Members Only Como si

Practice using the subjunctive following the phrase COMO SI (as if).

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Members Only Wishes

Practice using the subjunctive following OJALÁ to express wishes.

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Members Only No Matter How Much

Learn how to express "no matter how much" in Spanish using the subjunctive.

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Learn how to use LA FORMA REDUPLICATIVA to say: "whatever, however, whoever, whenever, or wherever."

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Test yourself on all the material covered in this module. ¡Suerte!

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